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June 2013

2013 has seen a sad beginning with the loss of great Band leaders, Kenny Ball and Terry Lightfoot, also the lovely Pat Halcox who was with Chris Barber for many many years until retiring. They will be joining the likes of the marvellous Humphrey Lyttleton and the wit that was George Melly,, both of whom we have lost in the last few years,  but as Syd Appleton, Kenny Tour Manager, said it is our loss, 'but that's a hell of a Band wherever they are" and do I agree, oh yes I certainly do !

BUT FEAR NOT we still have the great Chris Barber going strong, also the talented Acker Bilk who, although has trouble with his walking nowadays, ('join the club' as his fans answered at a recent Warners gig !) is still going strong. As Ben Castle (son of Roy) said of Acker at a recent recording "The Man still oozes music and is so lovely to work with."

Keith BallAnd then, as his Father wished, Keith Ball is heading Kenny's famous Jazzmen playing all the music of Kenny Ball and receiving truly exciting reviews such as "The Jazzmen are wonderful performers in their own right. And with Keith Ball the spirit of Kenny will always be with them".    

So don't forget,  the popular show 'The 3 Bs' will still be going on with Mr.Acker Bilk and his Paramount Jazz Band, The Big Chris Barber Band and Celebration of Kenny Ball performed by his Jazzmen and son, Keith Ball. Also  there is the show "Back to Back" with Mr.Acker Bilk and his Paramount jazz Band and Keith Ball with the Famous Jazzmen.

If you are interested in any of the above, or even if you want any additional information please do contract me.

As Management and Agency for these Artistes we can, of course give you the very best prices.

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